Namibia, China sign grant aid, donation agreements

Windhoek – On Wednesday, 15 November 2017, the Vice Minister of Commerce of China, Honourable Qian Keming and the Deputy Minister of Economic Planning, Honourable Lucia Iipumbu, signed an agreement aimed at supporting the dual road to Hosea Kutako International (HKI) Airport and another agreement for the wildlife protection equipment.

The Chinese government provided the Namibian government a grant aid of RMB¥ 200,000,000 (Renminbi Two Hundred Million Yuan), which is equivalent to N$400 million for the HKI airport road. The second agreement is for the donation of wildlife equipment worth RMB¥ 7,000,000 (Renminbi Seven Million Yuan), which is equivalent to N$14 million.

Speaking at the occasion, Honourable Iipumbu noted that the Namibia has committed to secure funds for the remaining gap for the HKI road, while at the same time appreciating the extended grant.

She further indicated that the donation to wildlife protection came at an opportune time when the country is fighting poaching with tooth and nail to prevent the ongoing poaching activities, which are likely to affect the tourism industry.

On his behalf, the Vice Minister of Commerce of China, indicated that Namibia remains a good partner of China and he was personally happy about the beautiful infrastructure and good governance capacity of Namibia.

Both sides agreed to further strength the bilateral economic and trade cooperation of the two governments.