Ministerial Statement On The NDP 5 Implementation Plan




11 JULY 2017


Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly

Honourable Members of Parliament

Fellow Namibians


  1. Firstly, I would like to thank the Honourable speaker for according me an opportunity to inform the house and the entire Nation how the NDP5, which was launched on 31 May 2017, will be implemented.


  1. The NDP5 has two volumes, the Policy document that sets out the priorities of the country and the Implementation Plan that outlines the financial requirements and the implementation modalities. The NDP5 Policy document has four pillars each with one goal;


  1. Pillar 1 is Economic Progression with the goal of achieving inclusive, sustainable and equitable growth,
  2. Pillar 2 is Social Transformation with the goal of building capable and health human resources,
  3. Pillar 3 is Environmental Sustainability with the goal of ensuring the sustainability of the environment and,
  4. Pillar 4 is Good Governance with the goal of promoting good governance through effective institutions.


  1. Under the four pillars, 34 Focus Areas were identified and as such, serve as priority areas for Namibia for the five years. The goals that we have set for ourselves to achieve in the next five years therefore require our collective efforts, commitment and hard work to fully achieve our targets. The NDP5 Implementation plan is therefore a tool to indicate the targets to be achieved each year for every identified project, where these targets will form the basis of monitoring and evaluation.



Honourable Speaker,

Honourable Members,


  1. The formulation process for the NDP5 embraced the concept of broad partnership with extensive consultations carried out with a wide variety of stakeholders, both within Government and outside Government. Regional consultations were also held in all 14 regions and the draft policy document was subject to public commentary to ensure that the voices of fellow citizens were heard and that their contributions were fully and properly considered and incorporated in the Plan.


  1. In total, the NDP5 Implementation Plan has 80 programmes that are to be implemented through 178 project over the next five years. These projects and programmes therefore reflect our collective needs and the efforts that we will put in place to fight the identified challenges.


  1. It is however important to note that the identified 178 projects are at the higher level (national level) and will therefore need to be interpreted as such. For example in the Implementation Plan, you will only find one project on roads construction, but this project includes all the roads that will be constructed countrywide over the NDP5 period. In monetary terms, the cost of implementing NDP5 is estimated at N$164 billion.


Honourable Speaker,

Honourable Members,


  1. Of the total N$164 billion estimated cost,


  • N$73.3 billion (representing 45% of the total required investment) is for physical infrastructure expansion and modernization in sectors such as water, energy and ICT,


  • N$32 billion (representing 19% of the total required investment) is the estimated required investment for social development social protection, sanitation, housing development, land servicing, youth empowerment and sports development


  • N$30 billion (representing 18% of the total required investment) is the estimated required investment in human capital development i.e investment in all levels of education and in health and nutrition.


  • N$19.4 billion (representing 12% of the total required investment) is the estimated investment to enable structural transformation,


  • N$7 billion (representing 4% of the total required investment) is the estimated required investment for the promotion of good governance such as the promotion of public service delivery and transparency, effective implementation of decentralization and the preservation of peace, security and rule of law


  • N$2.6 billion (representing 2% of the total required investment) is the estimated investment required for environmental sustainability and management as well as climate change mitigation.



  1. The identified projects will be funded from a multitude of sources, such as through government budgetary allocation, private sector funding, funding from development finance institutions, institutional savings, Public Private Partnership (PPP) and where viable, donor funding. To this end, the National Planning Commission has started with the organization of the popularization campaigns for the NDP5 to create public awareness about the national priorities and to bring on board possible investors for funding especially in the identified economic projects.


Honourable Speaker,

Honourable Members,


  1. The NDP5 Implementation Plan does not only set the required investment but also sets annual targets which will be used to monitor progress on the implementation of the NDP5. The NDP5 Implementation Plan will be the primary consideration in decision-making on government budget allocation. Therefore, Offices, Ministries and Agencies need to prioritize the projects that are in the NDP5 Implementation Plan to ensure the alignment of the National Budget to the National Development Frameworks.


  1. Progress on NDP5 projects will be assessed on a quarterly basis, where all the institutions responsible for implementation of a particular project will be required to submit a comprehensive progress report to the National Planning Commission.


Honourable Speaker,

Honourable Members,



  1. Last but not least, let me emphasize that a successful implementation of the NDP5 depends on all of us as a nation. I therefore call upon everybody, Offices, Ministries and Agencies, Regional Councils and Local Authorities to take ownership of the two volumes of NDP5 and work towards the attainment of the desired goals set for the Nation. In the same breath allow me to single out these three specific commercial banks that made sure that NDP5 Policy Document will be a success, very big thank you to Nedbank, First National Bank and Standard Bank.


  1. With that, Honourable Speaker, Honourable Members, I declare the NDP5 Implementation Plan ready for Implementation.


  1. Let us all Work Together in the Spirit of Harammbee.