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DG’s Remarks on the Commencement Of Sixth National Development Plan (NDP6) And The Implementation Of The Second Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP – II)








National Planning Commission

Commissioners’ Board Room

09h00, March  27th, 2023


  • Director of Ceremony.
  • Honourable Dr. Peya Mushelenga, Minister of Information, Communication and Technology 
  • Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Cabinet Members present.
  • Senior Government Officials
  • Mrs. Wilhencia /Uiras, Executive Director – NPC
  • Presidential Advisors present;
  • Officials from the National Planning Commission
  • Members of the media;
  • Ladies and Gentlemen,
  • First of all, I would like to thank the media fraternity for  accepting our invitation, because through you we would like to inform all our stakeholders in national development planning, that is offices, ministries and agencies, our development partners, private sectors in its entirety, the public and all interested groups about developments in our planning system and in particular the development of the Sixth National Development Plan (NDP6).  
  • As you all may be aware, Article 129 of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia establishes the National Planning Commission in the Office of the President  and mandates it to spearhead the course of national development, as accentuated by NPC Act No. 2 of 2013. Hence the National Planning Commission is mandated to:
    • spearhead the identification of Namibia’s socio-economic development priorities.
    • formulate short-term, medium-term, and   long-term national development plans in consultation with regional councils.
    • develop monitoring and   evaluation mechanisms to ensure effective implementation of the national development plans.
    • evaluate the effectiveness of Government socio-economic policies.
    • coordinate the   development of government socio-economic policies to ensure consistency; and
    • mobilize,        manage,     and   coordinate international       development cooperation.
  • Namibia as a country adopted planning to direct the course of national development. Through the national development plans the country sets its vision, goals, objectives, and devise strategies to actualise national development process. Additionally, national development plans are means to mobilise Namibia’s factors of production namely, human, capital, land, and entrepreneurship to produces goods and services for the betterment of the people of Namibia.
  • Guided by our political principals, under the leadership of the National planning Commission, Namibia developed its long-term perspective development plan – Vision 2030, and consecutive national development plans. The latest national development plan is the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) which covered the period 2017/18 to 2021/22 financial years.
  • I am happy to inform the nation that National Planning Commission is finalising the (midterm) review of Vision 2030 documenting our achievements, challenges and recommendations across thematic areas and sectors for future considerations. Efforts will be underway in the new financial year 2023/24 to review NDP5 to supplement the findings and recommendations of Vision 2030 review.
  • That brings me to the subject matter: “The Development of the Sixth National Development Plan.” It is now common knowledge that of recent or to be specific the NDP5 period, the world and Namibia has experienced economic turmoil’s stemming from recurring droughts, collapse in commodity prices and foreign direct investments and so forth. As if these were not enough, COVID-19 struck the world and Namibia with long lasting devastating consequences. The effects of these factors have impacted so much our small open economy with consequential impacts on our available public and private resources and took back our economy five to seven years aback. 
  • Notwithstanding the economic recovery experienced starting in 2021 going forward, Government has come to the realisation that this natural growth will not be sufficient to address Namibia’s ambitions and ultimate improve the standard of living of the Namibian people. To this extent, Government under the leadership of NPC in collaboration with Ministry of Finance, Bank of Namibia, Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade including the Namibia Investment Promotion Board assisted by Harvard University undertook a comprehensive study on sustainable and inclusive Prosperity for Namibia. With this study supplemented by other studies and initiatives by other ministries and agencies, Government will formulate an Economic Recovery and Resilience Strategy to underpin the Sixth National Development Plan. 
  • Furthermore, the subdued economy and constrained public resources, Government through Cabinet in its wisdom advised to concentrate efforts on prioritised Harambee Prosperity Plan II programmes and unfinished business of the Fifth National Development Plan during the period 2003/24 to 2024/25 whilst NDP6 is being developed.  
  • It is with this background that, Cabinet by decision No: 18th/18.10.22/004, concluded and directed that: 
    • NDP6 to be developed to cover the period 2024/25 to 2030/31 financial years.
    • Harambe Prosperity Plan II (HHPII) Programmes and projects to be accelerated.
    • Extend NDP5 for two years to enable completion of its programmes and projects.
  • As am concluding I would like to call upon all stakeholders, as this year is the year of reimaging, to concentrate our efforts by achieving more with less resources at our disposal. To allocate resources to priority programmes and projects and ensure timely completion of those. 
  1. Finally, I am pleased to inform the nation that the National Planning Commission will, in the not far distant future, launch NDP6 formulation process, which will be characterised by wider consultations of all our stakeholders this year 2023. This will ensure ownership of the process, output, and outcome of the plan.  Ladies and Gentlemen,
  2. It is worth noting that the NDP6 will constitute the last stretch of our development journey towards realizing vision 2030 goals and objectives. At the same time this will mark the end of the Global Sustainable Development Goals. The completion of these development frameworks will usher us into other long term planning cycle. 
  3. I would like to end by calling all of us to make ourselves available and engaged in the process of NDP6 formulation.

I thank you.