Namibia – Japan consultations

The Governmental consultations on development cooperation between Namibia and Japan took place on 05 August 2019 at National Planning Commission. The consultations serve as a platform to track the progress of the projects being supported by the Japanese Government.  Consultations normally take place every year.  It is during the consultations where new projects proposal to benefit from the Namibia-Japan cooperation are advanced and motivated. The Japanese Government announced the approval by their Government to support the following projects from 2020.

(1)       The Project on Implementation of International Logistics Hub Mater Plan Phase 2; and

(2)       The Project on Implementation of the Northern Crop and Livestock Development Master



Ms. Annely Haiphene, the Executive Officer of the NPC delivered her opening speech and informed the meeting that, the Government of the Republic of Namibia is committed to stimulating and sustaining economic growth aimed at creating employment, and reducing poverty and income inequality. In the same vein, the Namibian Government fully welcomes and acknowledges the support granted to us by our development partners to achieve the development agenda as stipulated in Namibia’s National Development Plans, such as NDP5, Vision 2030 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan. She further stated that Namibia offers good investments opportunities in various sectors such as Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Mining and Education just to mention a few.


Namibia-Japan Bilateral Cooperation is focused on supporting the efforts of the Namibian government through instruments such as:

  • Grant aid for Technical Assistance e.g. equipment supplies and technical experts
  • Grant aid for Increased Food Production and,
  • Concessional loans


Notable support also continues to be provided by the Japan Government through technical assistance in the form of volunteers and experts.


H.E. Mr Harada, Ambassador of Japan to Namibia, appreciated NPC’s organisation of the consultation meeting and the participation of all parties concerned.  He indicated that, in line with Namibia’s policy, Japan, as one team of the Government, JICA, private companies, and all others concerned, intends to continue its cooperation for Namibia’s sustainable development.


H.E. informed of the a bar to grant aid to Namibia being an upper middle income country, but this fiscal year (2019) the Japanese Government has decided a grant of approximately NAD 37 million under the “Economic and Social Development Programme” to provide equipment for TVET that the Namibian Government is attempting to expand.