Namibian Government commits to UNPAF Action Plan

Mr. Leevi Hungamon, PS, signs the UNPAF Action Plan on behalf of the Namibian Government.
Mr. Leevi Hungamon, PS, signs the UNPAF Action Plan on behalf of the Namibian Government.

Windhoek, 08 July 2014 – Following the launch of the United Nations Partnership Agreement Framework, (UNPAF) 2014-2018 in October 2013, both, the Government of the Republic of Namibia and the United Nations System in Namibia, gave their commitment to the partnership, by signing the UNPAF 2014-2018 Action Plan together with its two-year rolling work plans.

Representing the Namibian Government was Mr. Andries Leevi Hungamo, Permanent Secretary of the National Planning Commission. Mr. Hungamo expressed his appreciation to the UN’s plans of support, saying that they respond to national development priorities as outlined in NDP4.

The UNAPF is aligned to the fourth National Development Plan since its “Desired Outcomes” are fully similar to four “Desired Outcomes” of NDP4 which are; Institutional Environment, Education and Skills, Health and Reducing Extreme Poverty.

United Nations Resident Coordinator, Mr. Musinga Bandora, represented the United Nations Development System in Namibia and was accompanied by representatives of the head of the four Pillar Convenors who jointly signed the Action Plans for the respective priority focus areas with Mr. Hungamo.

Since National Planning Commission is only a coordinating body, it is expected that the work-plan is signed by Permanent Secretaries in the four sectors identified as part of the NDP4 implementation arrangements. The representation is as follow; Institutional Environment (Office of the Prime Minister), Education and Skills (Ministry of Education), Health (Ministry of Health and Social Services) and Reducing Extreme Poverty (Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare).