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The First National Development Plan (NDP1) contains a five-year development strategy. It is Namibia’s first medium-term development programme and covers the period 1995/1996 to 1999/2000. After successful execution of the three-year Transitional National Development Plan, Government decided to formulate a medium-term development programme where the main focus is diversification of the economy and consolidation of the achievements realized during the initial five years of Independence.

NDP1 was formulated through broad-based participation both inside and outside Government. Following consultations in March 1994 with Ministries/Offices, Regions, social partners (trade unions, NGOs and donors) and the private sector, initial chapters of the Plan were drafted by sectoral Ministries on the basis of which the first draft Plan document was produced by the NPC Secretariat. This initial draft of NDP1 was circulated widely and valuable comments and many valuable suggestions for improvement were received.

Improvements to the initial draft were made by the National Planning Commission Secretariat taking into account all comments made by Ministries, NGOs and donor community. Final meetings and consultations with sectoral Ministries/Offices and some parastals took place at the National Planning Commission in July 1995 during which the Plan was finalised.

Compilation, restructuring and analysis of the Plan’s internal consistency were carried out by the National Planning Commission Secretariat. The Plan reflects contributions from all interested parties. It is a result of a long process of consultations with central and regional Government, NGOs, the donor community, trade unions and the private sector. The Plan was approved by the National Planning Commission and the Cabinet in August 1995 and submitted to Parliament in October 1995.

NDP1 is presented in two volumes. Volume 1 is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Overview of Namibia
  • Part 2 – National Development Objectives and Strategy
  • Part 3 – Sectoral Development

The Overview of Namibia provides a brief history of the country and review the progress made during the Transitional Period after Independence. In addition, it examines the economic structure of the country and the performance of the economy since Independence. Part 2 outlines the country’s national development goals and targets, and the medium-term objectives and related strategies to achieve the Plan’s objectives and targets. The section also presents key macroeconomic issues and policies including Chapters on Planning for National Development, the Economic and Financial Framework for NDP1, Population in Development, Labour and Employment and Human Resources Development.

Sectoral development issues, programmes and policies are examined in Part 3 of Volume 1 (which also includes cross-sectoral Chapters such as Environment, Gender and Development, and Food Security and Nutrition). In terms of presentation, every Chapter is self-contained. Each Chapter analyses and introduces the sector and makes an assessment of the past performance (particularly the performance during the first five years of Independence). Sector objectives and strategies are then outlined, followed by a summary presentation of the sector’s Public Sector Investment Programme.

Volume II  of NDP1 contains details of the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP). Identified expenditure in each programme within a sector is elaborated on a project by project basis. A detailed introduction to the PSIP is contained at the beginning of Volume II.

NDP1 emphasises the need for a system of progress reporting on the implementation of the outlined targets, investment programmes and projects. A system of quarterly and annual progress reporting will be executed as part of a planned management system. The progress reporting system will form part of the overall evaluation system and will ensure accountability and discipline during the Plan’s implementation.