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NPC celebrates ‘Sneakers and No Elevators Day’

On Friday, November 17, 2023, the National Planning Commission (NPC) hosted a “Sneakers and No Elevators Day” event with the primary objective of fostering a culture of fitness among NPC staff members. The “No Elevators Day” served as a symbolic initiative to impart the notion that individuals can incorporate physical activity into their daily routines by opting for stairs, whether at home, work, or in public spaces.

This event was meticulously coordinated by the NPC’s Health and Wellness Committee and is slated to become a recurring monthly activity. During the event, employees were strongly encouraged to prioritize their health and actively participate in the endeavor to utilize stairs both at the workplace and in various other settings, thereby contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

On the designated day, all NPC personnel donned sneakers, engaging in a collective activity that involved walking to the entrance of the premises and ascending the stairs of the NPC building at least three (3) times. The initiative was led by Mr. Sylvester Mbangu, the Chief of National Development Advice (Deputy Executive Director). Please find below a collection of images capturing moments from this noteworthy day.