Printing and Binding of the Development Budget Book for 2021/2022-2023/2024 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)

The National Planning Commission invites you to submit your best quote for the items described in detail hereunder.

Any resulting contract shall be subject to the terms and conditions referred to in the document.

Queries, if any, should be addressed to Peneyambeko Shilomboleni on +264 61 283 4172, or kristine Jonas +264 61 283 4158, (Technical) .Please ask what items to quote if you are unsure thereof.

Please prepare and submit your quotation in accordance with the instructions given or inform the undersigned if you will not be submitting a quotation.

Download Bidding Document from the link below:

6.1 MiB

Closing date: 23 February 2021, by 12:00