Ministerial Statement at Motsomi Primary School handover by Obeth Mbui Kandjoze,MP at Aminius, Omaheke Region, 25 July 2019

Ministerial Statement at Motsomi Primary School handover July 2019

Hon. Festus Ueitele, Governor of  Omaheke Region

Chief Hubert Ditshabue, Kalaghadi Traditional Authority & all other Traditional Authorities here present

Hon. PK Kazongominja, Councillor of Aminius Constituency & all other Councillors present

Madam M. Vaendanawa, Chairperson of Omaheke Regional Council

Headman of Corridor 13 Village and other Headmen present

Mr. Pecka Semba, Regional Dir Education, Arts and Culture,

School Board – Motsomi Primary School

Mr Katunavandu Kavari, Principal of Motsomi Primary School, and all other school principals present

Departments Heads and other Education Officials Present

Teachers, Parents and Dear Learners (the principal interest group we have gathered here for)

Residents of the Corridor Community & all other Communities here present

Members of the Media here present

All Protocol observed,

It has been profoundly honouring to have been granted the  opportunity to serve the Motsomi Primary School since being requested to serve as the Patron of the Motsomi Primary School for the past couple of years. Today, marks yet another milestone in the relationship between the school and its stakeholders as witnessed by our gathering

Distinguished Colleagues, in the words of the Director of Ceremonies, we are gathered here for the handover of the school’s renovated hostel and ablution facilities. I am informed that this school has turned 37 years old on Jan 20th, 2019.

Given the above standing of this school,it is worth the while to illustrate  role this school have played in this community over the last 37 years by way of important but powerful statistics. Back then, and on its first day, the Motsomi Primary School enrolled 233 learners.

Today, as we speak, the school’s enrolment stands at an impeccable 624 learners while  there is a dedicated team of 20 teachers and 40 institutional workers.

My relationship with the school was born on October 6th, 2016 and in that time the Schools’ Board, Management and Staff, the Patron have achieved the following few milestones, which in my opinion are a modest achievement, but loaded with immense commitments both from the school management and staff, a supporting community of parents and other stakeholders of which I will mention a few namely:

N$100 000-00 contribution to the construction of the water fountain,

N$100 000-00 contribution to the procurement of school bus.

N$140 000-00 contribution to the fencing of the school sports field.

It suffices to point out that the primary role of a Patron is to lend support and credibility. Patrons do not play a formal part in an organisation but get their influence and reputation is deployed to procure  public awareness and support. The Patron’s high profile in the society is the asset that helps to facilitate for the organisation to receive donations.

Similarly,  the most effective patron will have passion for whatever happens in the organisation, and I want to re-affirm that I do indeed have a strong passion for the development and growth of Motsomi Primary School and indeed in so doing uplift the levels and output of the student population.

Let me now juxtapose my remarks and move  focus or  attention to economic planning and development with the view to deliver services.

In our Fifth National Development, in the Community context,we have a Social Transformation Pillar which entails two key sub-pillars namely Human Capital Development and Social Development.

We cannot develop human capital without the requisite education and training. Indeed, attempting human development in a schools context without the dedication and commitment of principals, teachers, learners and parents will impossibly achieve social development.

Admittedly, economic development requires capable and healthy human resources and in our long-term development framework, Vision 2030, the objective therein is to have Namibia become an industrialised nation developed by her human resources by the year 2030.

As we speak,Namibia, is slightly more than ten years away from 2030, and learners here at Motsomi Primary School; much like learners every else in the country, need us as Leaders to create a conducive environment through adequate classroom, hostel accommodation, modern day education  and sports facilities to facilitate a positive learning environment.

Earlier,I referred to two sub-Pillars of NDP5 namely Human Capital Development and Social Development. For Human Capital Development, as a country we have set a target that we must achieve an enrolment of 13% of all school going children between the ages 0 to 4 by 2030.

In the same sub-Pillar, we have  committed that by the year 2030, about 49% of the first graders should reach Grade 5 in remote areas such as Corridor 13 where we are gathered today. These are achievable targets that we have committed to as a country. Setting targets for sake of it  without us all putting in the necessary time, resources and effort will remain just targets.

I want to furthermore stress the need to harness the demographic dividend that the country is currently enjoying as a function of the fact that more than half of our population is below the age of 35 Demographic Dividend refers to a country growth of the economy as a result of a change in the age structure of a country’s population. This arises because of a decline in fertility and mortality rates.

The mantra that “it takes an entire village to raise a child” and the fact that it shouldn’t just be the responsibility of Government to bring about quality improvement to our circumstances; but rather that we are cognisant of the collective from the Honourable Governor , Omaheke Regional Council including both the Regional and Local Authorities Councillors, the Regional Education Directorate, the Motsomi School Board, the Corridor 13 community, Namibia Community Trust and Erongo Marine Enterprises with the joint efforts of the Patron that made today possible. This is a remarkable joint effort in changing the circumstances of the learners and without doubt offering a better future prospect for each learner here today. Omake

Let me further stress the fact that success very often lies in thoughtful preparation and that is why the Namibian Government,in its development planning, has deliberately developed Desired Outcomes Indicators and Targets for Early Childhood Development as well as for Basic Education.

In the case of Early Child Development,designed indicators and targets speak to the percentage of children aged 0 to 4 with access to Early Child Development; the number of qualified caregivers and the percentage of pre-primary teachers.

In terms of Basic Education, the planned indicators and targets for NDP5 include the primary education completion rate; percentage learners qualifying for university and the performance of our learners at the NSSCO level in terms of English, Mathematics and Physical Science.

This handover ceremony provides a tremendous opportunity in increasing access to education to the Namibian child but also comes with the responsibility to deliver on expectations. Yes,indeed, our goal is to have best performing learners at primary level in rural schools like the  Motsomi Primary School and I am confident that, with this refurbished facility, that objective is achievable.

The aspirations set in NDP5 are of critical importance to our young people. They want quality education that will allow them to get good jobs and they want to live in peaceful societies on a healthy environment.

I am particularly pleased that, Mr. Kavari, has decided to leverage the opportunity created by this handover ceremony to strengthen our dialogue with learners.

It is therefore fortuitous that,the spirit in which we are conducting this handover, with much of the key stakeholders present here particularly elders such as Chief Ditshabue and other local leadership,  will dovetail with the Regional Education Directorate’s priorities and will allow us to work together quite closely especially given the fact that I as a Patron and as well as being a National Leader is involved in the ploughing back in local communities.

In closing, I invite you, Honourable Governor Ueitele, to dialogue with young people to understand their perspectives on what is needed to make progress for peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies and how they see themselves as educated citizens in promoting and maintaining a prosperous Namibian House.

As you may have noticed by now, we have a lot of work to do, but I believe it will be very rewarding work that awaits us all as we continue to empower the Motsomi Primary School and many other such educational facilities in need of similar joint collaborative efforts galvanising them to greater heights.