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Strategy to Mainstream the Marginalized communities, Developed.

In order to address and reverse the plight on the marginalized communities in Namibia, National Planning Commission was directed by the H.E President Hage Geingob to develop a sustainable strategy on how to mainstream the marginalized communities in the country.

The strategy is premised on a main principle to ensure that marginalized communities acquire status and characteristics at par to other communities in Namibia. The aim is to ensure that at some point, Namibia should not have communities that are peculiarly disadvantaged and unable to enjoy and take advantage of prospects available to all inhabitants.

At the moment, groups that are regarded as the marginalized are the San, Ovatue, Ovatjimba and Ovazemba. These are community groups disproportionately tormented by poverty, compared to other groups in Namibia.
Three strategic objectives have been identified as the main pillars that the strategy will be based. These are; to ensure sustainable livelihood of the marginalized communities, to restore community organization of the marginalized communities and to ensure education and training for the marginalized communities.

The Minister in the Presidency responsible for Economic Planning and Director General of National Planning Commission Hon. Tom Alweendo recently convened a meeting with leaders of the marginalized communities from all the regions, for them to jointly agree on the possible strategic initiatives that marginalized community leaders would want to see done, in order for them to sustainably uplift themselves from extreme poverty.

An action plan indicating the time frame and responsible institution was also agreed upon and the strategy will be shared with all stakeholders once completed.