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Strengthening Collaboration between UNESCO and National Planning Commission

Yesterday, the UNESCO Country Representative, Ms. Eunice Smith, conducted a courtesy visit to the National Planning Commission, with the primary objective of fortifying collaboration between the two entities. This visit comes at a crucial juncture as both parties recognize the challenges stemming from limited resources, both from developmental sources and governmental allocations.

During the discussions, both parties reaffirmed their dedication to fostering a robust partnership despite these challenges. A key point of conversation centered around the alignment of UNESCO’s activities with the objectives outlined in Namibia’s National Development Plan 6 (NDP6). With UNESCO’s five focal areas spanning Education, Natural Sciences, Oceans, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, and Communication and Information, there exists significant potential for synergy between UNESCO’s initiatives and the priorities outlined in NDP6.

The proposed alignment aims to leverage UNESCO’s expertise and resources to address critical developmental objectives outlined in NDP6. By strategically integrating UNESCO’s activities within the framework of NDP6, both organizations seek to maximize impact and efficiency in addressing pressing developmental needs in Namibia.

This collaborative endeavor underscores the shared commitment of UNESCO and the National Planning Commission towards fostering sustainable development and advancing the well-being of the Namibian people. Moving forward, both parties remain steadfast in their dedication to working closely together to harness the power of education, science, culture, and communication for the benefit of all.